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Mailware Collaboration Suite: the complete messaging and collaboration platform, now also available in Open Source

December 2010 - In December Babel released the Open Source version of Mailware Collaboration Suite, a complete solution for managing e-mail, calendar and chat.

Already present on the market in the Enterprise version, Mailware Collaboration Suite is a platform for business collaboration consisting of optimized Open Source software and products developed by the manufacturer, Babel: "we tried to create the perfect mix between these two elements in order to maximize the flexibility, but also the reliability of the platform; we are proud to contribute to the Open Source international community by launching a competitive product made entirely in Italy, " says Babel CEO Ivano Tortolini

The Community version, equipped with the same features as Mailware Enterprise, was designed for companies that are not satisfied with a standardized product for their mailbox management, and who want to invest in the technological maturity of their IT environments. "Mailware is a complete email and collaboration solution," says Riccardo Fiano, director of Business Development at Babel. "It completely replaces the more market-based solutions, allowing you to safeguard the investments by increasing their productivity, and to program them with a greater degree of autonomy."

 Among the most attractive Mailware features, the easy-to-use rich web interface and the numerous Optionals, such as the Certified Email or the ability to handle large attachments. All features of the product can be tested in the live demo and free download available at

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