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  • Registered Office: Via Solferino 1, 26900 Lodi
  • Head Office: Via Solferino 1, 26900 Lodi
  • Founded: 1978
  • Geographical area of activity: Italy, Europe, U.S.A., Brasil, Qatar
  • Consolidated revenue: € 386 mln (2016)  
  • Employees (italy): 2.950
  • Employees (all over the world): 200

English profile

Zucchetti Group

With more than € 386  mln of turnover and more than 105.000 customers, Zucchetti Group is the software application's italian leader.

With more than 3150  employees (900 in research&development department) Zucchetti Group can offer solutions for companies, tax consultants and trade associations, public administrations.

Zucchetti Group operates through a sales and assistance network made up of over 1100 locations distributed throughout Italy and more than 200 partners in 50 major European, North and South American, Middle East and North African countries.

Zucchetti Group offers:

  • solutions for tax consultants and trade associations;
  • solutions for complete human resources management and payroll applications (including web-based and outsourcing) for consultants, companies and trade associations;
  • business software for all goods sectors of whatever size, based on SaaS model too;
  • business intelligence and finance solutions;
  • CRM and e-business solutions;
  • unified communication solutions;
  • hardware and software solutions for access control and security of sports facilities;
  • development tools for Internet/Intranet applications;
  • made-to-measure software applications for large enterprises and Public Administrations;
  • consultant and system integration;
  • networking, housing, hosting and co-location services;
  • document management systems;
  • energy saving solutions;
  • software for lawyers;
  • software for the management of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • point of sales solutions;
  • ticketing systems.

Zucchetti is Certification Authority by AgID (Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale). Accredited certifiers are public or private legal subjects who deliver qualified certificates (for digital signature). The topic is disciplined by 1999/93/CE European Directive, by eIDAS 910/2014/EC Regulation, by 22nd February 2013 Prime Minister Decree and by CAD.

AgID certified Zucchetti also as Accredited Repository, because it has the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety about the treatment of data.


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